On-line repertoire definition

Information in the documents below has been collated by the TOWGE and published by CISAC on behalf of the TOWGE

Rights split document
This document sets out the rights splits between performing and mechanical rights to be applied in each territory for different types of on-line and mobile exploitations, including Permanent Downloads, On-Demand streaming (both free to the end user and via subscription), Webcasting, Ringtones, Cloud services, User Generated Content and Tethered Downloads. This document may be subject to modifications from time to time.

Repertoire Definition document
This document defines the repertoires managed by each Direct Licensor on a Pan European basis for multi territorial on-line and mobile exploitations, including the following details: the name of the repertoire, which licensing body (Direct Licensor) manages the given repertoire, the definition of the repertoire, which Digital Service Providers (DSPs) are covered by the mandate, which use types are covered and the start and end date (where relevant) of the mandate. This document may be subject to modifications from time to time.

CCID standard specification document
This document describes the CCID standard (Claim Confirmation and Invoicing Details). Thus standard is used by Licensors to send a detailed invoice for sales reports that have been sent by Licensee.

Best practice for invoicing of multi-territorial digital services
The TOWGE Steering Committee has created a best practice recommendation for the principles licensors and their administrators could apply when invoicing digital services. The intention of this recommendation is to support an effective and functioning digital market, through accurate invoicing, the minimising of invoicing disputes and the application of fair market share based solutions for the payment of residuals.

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